duminică, 16 iulie 2017

The word that gives life

Life is born where there is a word. Life ends where the word is born ... on your lips. Therefore, I beg you, accept the silence and listen only to the tremors of time. I decided to leave the bedroom in a such a rush. I slammed the door behind me, thinking that you will say something. Then a deep silence was settling down. A lingering calmness that was burning my thoughts. I have known from that moment that you understood. You have never came after me. I was so naïve. In the same time, I knew that I will never change. Everything will be the same. I will be the same. Only the time will be different…it is less than I had before. And I can see it with clear eyes, the end and the beginning of my life. I can see the end because there is no end. There is only transformation of my state. I can recognize the word that created us all. Is it desire? Is it love? It might be just…life!

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