miercuri, 12 iulie 2017

Lonely benches

I have always been in loved with benches…empty benches, specifically. Every bench means a new beginning. It means a new, fresh start…it means forgiveness. Each bench has its own story, love or a sad stories. Each bench can hide secrets and rivers of tears. It can hide soft hand touches. It can hide me… Today I had my own bench. I have just sat down and looked at the sky, at the clouds that  were drawing in the blue sky a past that needed to be revealed. And then I felt a major relief… And I felt myself completed, again. Alive…in an almost dead body. But…still alive. I believe in one way or another, we all live in an appearance of life, without feeling the vibration of our feelings. We might think this is life. Today, I believe life can be that moment when you stop for a second, sat down on a bench and close your eyes to find yourself

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