joi, 13 iulie 2017

A song for eternity

I will start to sing again. Tonight…I will sing about life. My life…so wonderful, so hard to bear it. So hard to understand but so easy to love it…Yes, I am in love with life. With everything that has life in it. I love people and hate them in the same time… I love myself, I hate myself… I am here, waiting to go slower, to stop for a moment. I want to stop, to stop the time, to stop and to feel once again life that flows through my veins. But it goes faster and faster. I am not rushing… I have now the time. Today, just today. And now, yes…just touch my hand and start to sing for me because I started losing my strength, I am losing my voice. Please, sing for me. And now, it is time for me to leave. I need to sleep and you need to sing for me, from a distance. But, do not forget, my hand is still holding yours. And yes, each song can have its own colour…mine is blue.

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