luni, 17 iulie 2017

A fulfilled existence

Please, receive my gifts. These will be my offerings, my oblation for the love offered by you. I am empty now and I want to return in a way or another, pieces of all that little and immense universe that you have started to give it, to me. I am empty now and I still want you to receive, even the emptiness of my heart. I am empty now and I want you to receive the colours of my fears. I am empty now and I am scared that I will remain like this. And now, please be merciful and help me fill in that space in my soul. I want you to broke that chain of my storms. I know you can do it. I am begging you, today, unbound me and make me free. So that I can choose myself, once again. So that I can choose you, once again. Fill me in with your presence, fill me in with your perfume, fill me in with the sound of your whispers. And just stay next to me…quietly, in the greatest silence possible.

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