joi, 22 iunie 2017

From tomorrow on, I will start to think of you

Today is my day. No, of course it is not my birthday. It is just a regular, normal day. But today is about myself. It is about my feelings and my concerns. It is about how am I feeling and how would I like to do things. I want again, to feel my pain, to hear my thoughts. To step aside and say ‘’no’’ if I need the mood to say it. I feel I am losing the sense of being a person. I am crawling in despair and I want to stay down, to feel the Earth, cold and alive. In pain and despair I find myself. I discover my inner spirit. I like the storms and thunders because it sounds like my inner scream. I like rain because there is always place for hope. I like the smell of rottenness because it is a sign that there was life… And for now, I can only think of myself. Tomorrow, it will be a new day...

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